Heights of Winter 2016 Results

0: Chris Forne, Greig Hamilton321012H
0: Lara Prince, Georgia Whitla270012H
The Hairy Elephants: Nick Hann, Scott Kearney268012H
Barossa or Bust: Mat Dickinson, Tim Wright257012H
callidus consilium: Tane Cambridge, Tim Farrant254012H
Would Phil rob Jarvis?: Robert Jarvis, Phil Wood253012H
Grid Search: Steve Mcinstry, Nick Ross252012H
A Lice on the Cards: Matt Bixley, Martin Lukes235012H
Missing Bits: Colin Dixon, Douglas Woods204012H
Adventure b4 dementia: Jenni Blyleven, Peter Montgomery204012H
Ro-pain, Ro-gain: Daniel Redmond and 1 other.201012H
Racey Delaceys: Guy De lacey, Emma De lacey192012H
Late fish: Emily Forne, Catherine Hayward and 1 other.191012H
The Probes: Dave Taylor, Brandon Wilson191012H
In It For The Route: Mark Houwers, Hazel Bowering-Scott189012H
Mainly eating: Simon Woods, Scott Henry183012H
Them Blenheim Fellas: Steve Lock, Peter Mann and 1 other.183012H
Not a witty name: Alistair Boyce, Ramash Swamy180012H
The Craic: Dave Rudge, Jerome Sheppard179012H
For Gondor: Christian Ruegg, Cameron Blacklock and 1 other.177012H
Higgelty Piggelty: Rachel Brown, Jo Forbes and 2 others.176012H
Bondges: Pat Bodger, Phil Bones and 1 other.169012H
It's all good: Kath Copland, Colin Kinnison and 2 others.169012H
R&S: Robyn Dunmore, Sophie Hart167012H
Gone Commando: Lydia Kinsman, Brett Walker164012H
Moonlight Trackers: Craig Hart, Sarah Lyttle and 1 other.163012H
Grit: Selena Metherell, Erika Stark160012H
Tenacious Turtles: Nathan Harris, Ev Tolerton157012H
Green eggs and ham: Gary Lister, Sharon Morrison156012H
She'll Be Right: Sarah Mannion, Holly Mckee154012H
Skeleton Crew: Mike Harding, Helen Nugteren152012H
The Quick and the Dead: Ian Harrison, Sophie Harrison148012H
The GRRey: Graeme Read, John Thornton144012H
Dixie Chicks: Chris Dixon, Lara Dixon143012H
HUCARES: Clare O'regan, Desmond O'regan and 1 other.143012H
Happy Feet: Todd Kraiger, Ben Lott and 1 other.142012H
String Beans: Hannah Johnston, Leah King and 1 other.142012H
The Re-entrants: Peter Jackson, Vincent Pooch and 1 other.134012H
Max &Betz: Terry Connolly, Sandra Flamank126012H
Hiking NZ: Claire Chatterton, Michelle Mcconnon and 1 other.124012H
M & Ms: Trevor Merrifield, Liz Millow and 1 other.122012H
I Think I Can: Ryan Mcmahon, Clare O'hagan and 1 other.117012H
Vicious and delicious: Lynda Watson, Paulette Birchfield110012H
Deb & Doug: Debbie Walsh, Doug Walsh107012H
Dis-orienteerers: Jenny Biddulph, Tess Bygate106012H
Don't be late: Tom Spencer, Levi Hibbert104012H
Apple Pi: Sandra Appleby, Martin Cleland100012H
Michael Meehan: Kim Harburg, Michael Meehan95012H
Sparkles: Megan Carter, Jacqui Keay91012H
The Baldricks: Glen Friery, John Henson and 1 other.77012H
0: Jorge jimenez Caisabanda, Bob Cunninghame and 2 others.74012H
Freedom Fitness & Coaching: Richard Dove, Simon Lewis and 1 other.012H
Ian & Wendy: Ian Huntsman, Wendy Riach012H
The Phils: Philipp Sueltrop, Phill Wallace012H
0: Michael Nuttall, Stephanie Smithson012H

C the M&Ms: Carsten Joergensen, Matt Scott and 2 others.16306H
pcdc: Dominic Cleary, Peter Cleary12306H
ccc: Callum Cleary, Connor Cleary12006H
Hidden Valley: David Bailey, Jack Drage and 1 other.11806H
Port Hills Growlers: Rowan Sinton, Daniel Skipper11206H
The Expressos: Martin Freeman, Matt Sawyer11106H
Cashmere boys: James Friel, Felix Harrison10706H
Muppeteers: Daniel Mcdonald, Mike Robins and 2 others.10606H
Stac Attack: Oliver Egan, Yonni Kepes10506H
Compass Conundrum: Nick Saunders, Hamish Castle10406H
running in circles: Karyn Berrill, Aaron Ross and 1 other.10306H
Surf and Turf: Linda Poulsen, Jim Wellacott and 1 other.10306H
Two up: Devern Burchett, Tony Mcguire10306H
Team Tortuga: Justine Carson-iles, Rob Carson-iles and 1 other.10006H
Team Rock Hoppers: Emily Bell, Hamish Mason9906H
sneaky weasels: Tristan Burt, Mitchel Munro9906H
Going on a beer hunt: Meg Mason, Hamish Noidea and 2 others.9806H
Port Hills Rollers: Becky-james Collett, Sylvia Nissen and 1 other.9706H
Tool Guys: Mark Nicoll, Murray Stark9406H
Seagate 2.0: Marisol Hunter, Briana Steven9406H
0: Nicci Mardle, Brendan Wright9306H
Living the dream: Karen Elliott, Robyn Garrett and 1 other.9306H
Control freaks: Matthew Macdonald, Tony Munnerley9306H
MH370: Fletcher Allen, Matt Pidcock9106H
Stuart in the Lion's Den: Vanessa Kelk, Stuart Marr and 2 others.9006H
LA Women: Angela Grigg, Louise O'connell9006H
Not Over the Hill Yet: Els Coster, Lisa Mcmillan and 1 other.8906H
The taxi drivers: Bob Frame, Caroline Mackenzie8806H
Minions: Libica Hurley, Kasey Mackinnon and 1 other.8606H
Big Mac Combo: Mandy Macfarlane, Tim Macfarlane8606H
Those Tall guys: Alan Holdaway, Robert Holdaway and 1 other.8506H
0: Sam Newton, Howie Ross8406H
Team MK: Kate Brown, Michelle Rabbidge8406H
Huntsbury Hellraisers: Jan Harrison, Iona Powell8206H
The Three Muscovites: Ben Carroll, Iris Holzer and 1 other.8206H
romper-stompers: Sue Cooke, Kirsty Muir and 1 other.7806H
Crazy, Mad and Fast: Sheryl Fraser and 1 other.7806H
Still Crazy: Jac Woudberg, Lesley Woudberg7806H
Keep Calm and Eat Fudge: Louisa Hurst, Jayde Mayberry and 2 others.7806H
Rookie Rogainers: Flynn Marshall, Zander Wager7706H
Disorientated: Debbie Felder, Josie O'callaghan7606H
2 stumps: Aaron Cordell, Jason Hayman7606H
knees must: Brian Aitken, Nigel Vernon7506H
Team EJ: Ethan Neal, Jason Neal7406H
Transformers: Alice Barach, Michael Bruhn7406H
Go now!: Daniel Buckley, Mark Buckley and 1 other.7306H
Mums Day Out: Bronwyn Alexander, Rebecca Redmond and 1 other.7206H
Quadruple H: Karen Armstrong, Charlotte Matthews and 2 others.7106H
Frozen P's: Yvonne Daly, Nic Hardaker and 1 other.7006H
Dark Energy: Steve Petty, Andy Griffiths6906H
wednesday girls: Jo Gooch, Aj Low and 1 other.6706H
3CHICKS1BLOKE: Austin Guerin, Bridget Guerin and 2 others.6406H
The Illuminaries: Michelle Lindsay, Annie Yau6406H
Wade Up: Martin Anderson, Denise Glover and 1 other.6306H
Bumbling Along: Deb Bain, Sally Dickson and 1 other.6306H
Cath & Josie: Josie Boland, Cath Heppelthwaite6206H
Jo & Adrian: Adrian Hamill, Jo Hoyle6206H
4 wiser wallies: Nicky Dravitzski, Rachel Low and 2 others.6106H
Half Trots: Andy Collins, Rachael Collins6106H
Half and half: Louisa Coyle, Maria Adams6006H
JBD: Jackie Crampton, Daryl Sutton and 1 other.5906H
Kat-In-Max: Donna Inwood, Katie Morgan and 1 other.5906H
hoof hearted: Donna Dimond, Clint Stringer and 1 other.5906H
Me, her and someone else: Sahar Pearce and 2 others.5806H
Are we there yet?: Susan Alexande, Jane Alexander and 2 others.5806H
Polypropers: Nicole Crequer, Scott Osbourne and 1 other.5806H
RX2: Richard Arnold, Raewyn Moss5606H
Rose between two thorns: Nikki Colenso, Andrew Knewstubb and 1 other.5606H
geoff&nicci: Geoff Dillon, Nicci Dillon5506H
Chicks onTop ( of the hill): Orla O'kane, Laura Smith and 1 other.5506H
Try Hard II: Anitam Mckerrow, Carmen Rae5506H
Naughty badgers: Sally Lochhead, Emma Newman5406H
Fab 5: Tine Dahlmann, Claire Cumming and 3 others.5406H
Trig Hunters: Cindy Baker, Darrell Thomson5306H
fab 4: Kirstie Copeland, Christine Cumming and 2 others.5206H
Carol & Greg: Greg Bristow, Carol Horgan4806H
The B-Team: Nick Boniface, Stacey Boniface4706H
YMacaroons: Sharyn Foster, Susan O connor and 1 other.4306H
HeaveyBreathing: Juliet Henry, Nicola McKinlay-Clarke and 1 other.4306H
Lily & Ella: Ella Riordan, Lily Spittal4206H
Miss Fits: Janine Hunter, Nic Parmenter4106H
Ophelia Payne: Rebecca Mansfield, Ronda South4006H
The Hummingbirds: Kirsten Lloyd-scott, Eleanor Williams and 1 other.3806H
Crustys demons: Jane Boustridge, Jo Donnolley and 1 other.3506H
Team RIOT(running is our therapy): Genevieve Leech, Kirstina Moore3306H
Canterbury Coven: Stacey Cowan, Frances Hobkirk and 2 others.3106H
Stingers: Isaac Daly, Matt Howes and 3 others.2506H
Fit femmes: Cherie Ballinger, Silvia Jenkins and 1 other.2506H
Falling Apart At The Seams!: Emma Butler, Debbie Nield06H